The search for materials with better optical, magnetic and electronic properties still continues by energy, semiconductor and electronics industries. Spintronics or spin electronics varies from traditional electronics due to the exploitation of the electron spins which happens to attain better material with data storage efficiency and transfer. Quantum Dots are emerging smart materials widely employed in the research of spintronics and quantum computing which has led to concept of dilute magnetic semiconducting quantum dots (DMSQDs).Graphene produced by chemical vapour deposition has also been employed by spintronics for its electron spin behaviour. The synthesis, significance and application of smart materials for fabrication of spintronics devices are discussed under this track.


  • Spin detection techniques
  • Semiconductor based spintronic devices
  • Graphene and Quantum Dots in Spintronics
  • Multi and Nano scale Modelling for the Materials Improvement and Design
  • Synthesis and Applications of Spintronic devices

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