Materials in Dentistry and Healthcare

The search for ideal restorative material for dentistry gave hope for applications of smart materials in dental science. Smart Materials are materials whose properties can be altered in controlled fashion to support the tooth structure. Smart Biomimetic materials can mimic enamel or dentin. The use of smart  materials like smart composites, smart ceramics, resin modified glass ionomer, amorphous calcium phosphate releasing pit and fissure sealants, orthodontic shape memory alloys, smart impression material, smart suture, smart burs, etc. have revolutionized dentistry and maximized the advantage of conventional restorative techniques. Smart Materials have also found their applications in healthcare sectors as implants, biosensors etc.


  • Dental Implants and composites
  • Biomimetic and Bioactive materials
  • Smart Composites and Ceramics
  • Shape Memory Alloys
  • Smart Fibres and Ceramic Braces
  • Self-Healing Composites
  • Smart Materials in Dentistry
  • Smart Materials in Healthcare

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